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We’ve got a team of seasoned writers ready to help communicate your vision through a compelling narrative. Our process starts with a 30-minute collaborative brainstorm session, which we then use to craft the best angle for obtaining media coverage.

We Distribute Your Release.

We use our preferred rate to distribute your release across North America’s leading newswires including Cision/PRNewswire, GlobeNewswire, and BusinessWire.

We Promote The @#$% Out Of It.

Our team of publicists has built up an enormous amount of cannabis and mainstream media contacts across North America. We use these connections to promote your brand through outlets that are connected to your target audience.

We work with companies who are defining the future.

taking innovative and alternative news mainstream

Our clients are the ones creating breakthroughs. We're here to show the world how they're aiming to make a difference.

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Our Core Services.

Alan Aldous offers a full range of integrated offerings.

Media Outreach & Newsire Distribution
Industry-Specific Strategic Consulting
Copywriting & Content Strategy
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
CSR Initiatives & Campaigns
Web Development & Optimization
Digital Advertising
Media Monitoring
Social Media Strategy

About Alan Aldous.

Telling stories worth being told

Based in Toronto, Canada, Alan Aldous Communications is a public relations agency focused on providing transparency to the world of cannabis, psychedelics, regulated industries and beyond. Our mission is to provide real value through our services to companies on the leading edge of change. We’re a Canadian SEO Firm and Cannabis Digital Marketing Agency that cares.

What you see is what you get with Alan. The team has years of combined experience in the regulated Canadian cannabis media landscape, with past published work in publications such as Leafly, The Growth Op, Lift News, and Cannabis Retailer, just to name a few. We’ve built up what we believe is Canada’s largest media database for the emerging Cannabis and Psychedelics markets – and our now branching out to new industries.

We help a variety of clients and understand the legal medical cannabis and therapeutic psychedelics industries – whether MDMA, Ketamine, LSD, Psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms) or more – our publicists and digital marketing executives can help.

Looking for a top Toronto PR Firm?  At Alan Aldous, We’re an agency that prides itself on being PR and Digital Marketing Experts – and we’re here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cannabis PR creates space for businesses through different relational and persuasive strategies. The best PR marketing companies in Canada create stories and positive messages that they then promote in those spaces that they have gained in that constant interaction with different actors such as the public and service-providers related to the cannabis industry.

It’s clear that cannabis still has a long way to go. Venturing to promote your company or your products or your brand on the standard channels (Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Instagram) runs the risk of ads being eliminated, because of the regulations and terms of use that exist. Public relations is the ideal alternative to make yourself known, create awareness around your brand and gain followers. Then you can generate the leads that will give you the expected profitability.

Top Cannabis PR Firms will help you maintain a positive image of your brand or business. They will do this by drafting and distributing press releases and bringing your story to the press. They will also help you interact with your community and the industry, always keeping conversations going regarding your brand, your products, or services. Marketing, on the other hand, generates impulse strategies, promoting the products and services of a business. It is much more impersonal, through advertising and management of traditional or digital media

While doing public relations does require an investment, keep in mind that it will be significantly less than if you opt to create traditional strategies with one of the digital marketing agencies in Toronto. Keep in mind that advertising for this type of industry can be expensive, and as mentioned, you won’t be able to do it just anywhere. On the other hand, for much less than the cost of this type of project from Internet marketing companies, you can achieve significant results with a solid PR strategy.

Our Work.

Alan's been around the block


Telling your authentic story while playing by the rules.

Tap into the expertise of professionals who are active in the intersection of media and cannabis as a medicine, as well as recreationally-focused consumer packaged goods.


Bringing to light what should have been a part of our psyches all along.

Psychedelics are both ancient and emerging and deserve due respect. While you formulate your business plan and execution, we will help make sure that you are on the bleeding edge of consumer education and stakeholder communications.

Emerging Regulated Markets

From Europe to LATAM, we have the connections to help you infiltrate tomorrow’s markets with the products you have right now.

Our PR framework, combined with our established connections, will help you navigate uncharted waters confidently.

Case Studies


Mary Agrotechnologies


Mary began as an Indiegogo dream story. Now they are using their tech to solve the problem of food deserts on a global scale. It’s a challenge to balance it all but with Alan Aldous they know that their messaging is always on-point. They wanted a cannabis PR firm to assist them in their mission.


We leveraged 2020’s growing sentiment toward “grow your own” cannabis to create maximum buzz around Mary as a product while the team was busy applying for a very rare opportunity to grow herbs in China. That, along with their IPO has given us many chances to keep Mary AG and their growing operations in the public eye on a regular basis.


More than 16 earned media opportunities.



CB Therapeutics


Biotech company CB Therapeutics sought traditional PR services, a complete face-lift of their website, as well as social media strategy, growth and management. The company produces synthetic cannabinoids (such as CBD, CBDA, and CBN).


We created a beautiful website for CB, and in our first month of providing services to the client we started immediately connecting them with pertinent media publishers that wanted to feature CB in their publications. On the social media front, we developed an entire social media strategy, created assets and deployed the strategy along alongside  organic follower growth.


100%+ Lift in Website Traffic
500 New Followers in 1 month on brand new Instagram


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