3 PR Packages for Cannabis Retail, Growers and Processors & Accessories Brands That Fit Today’s Budgets

We have you covered—PR for cannabis retail, cannabis growing and cannabis accessories

3 new PR packages for cannabis retail, growers, and accessories brands.

PR and marketing tend to overlap and intertwine in today’s world, making it necessary to work together. Our three packages for cannabis retail, growing and processing, and accessories fit existing marketing and communications infrastructures in the spirit of collaboration and efficiency.

As a cannabis public relations firm, Alan Aldous handles all aspects of a company’s PR strategy, from building brand awareness to tracking any brand or campaign’s sentiment.

Do you want to ensure your cannabis company is active, recognizable, notable, and relevant?

Alan Aldous has developed a way to handle reputations through earned media communications that fit, without stretching, the typical public relations budget. Not only will we handle taking your message to the press, but we will also apply several digital marketing tactics to increase brand awareness of your company in a creatively compliant manner.

Secure public relations representation today.

As you may know, public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.

One of the primary services covered in Alan Aldous’ new PR packages is media relations. That means, us, getting your brand’s name out there is through the media. We will pitch your story to the right journalists and influencers to attain interviews with journalists and influencers to attain media coverage. For example, if you own a cannabis company with a sustainable method of growing your crops, we would pitch you for stories about sustainable cannabis.

No PR Budget for your cannabis retail store or new product?

One common misconception is that a marketing department replaces the need for public relations, and all we have to say is—your poor marketing department! Are they ok? It’s not worth overworking your human resources to cover the job of two departments. Our PR program’s primary goal is to boost your brand’s reputation, while your marketing plan’s primary purpose should be to drive sales.

The great thing about outsourcing your company’s cannabis PR is that you now have eyes and ears always looking out for your brand’s reputation. At the same time, your marketing department can be planning your market segment domination. With one of Alan Aldous’ new PR packages working in tandem with your marketing strategy, you’ll build your reputation and drive more sales through compliant means.

Three packages specifically built for cannabis companies.

We offer three types of standard packages, with plenty of options to add on one-off campaigns—like a lead-generating contest that runs for 30 days.

Cannabis Retail PR for a Saturated Market

The cannabis retail landscape is getting crowded out there. How do you use compliant means to stand out against the rest and engage your hyper-local audience? We’ll help with a combination of digital marketing, search engine optimization, and earned media opportunities.

PR for Cannabis Growers and Processors

Are you about to launch a product? We can help make sure your milestones and achievements get the attention they deserve. In the competitive landscape of cannabis flower, vapes, beverages, edibles, and concentrates, we will look for the best media opportunities for your brand while keeping eyes and ears open for the conversations already happening around your products.

PR for Cannabis Accessories Brands

Are you the next hot bong, e-nail, or cannabis ritual box? Whether you are in-store or direct-to-customer, we will help your products shine with earned media, search engine optimization, influencer marketing, and so much more.

Adding Alan Aldous to your marketing plan could be a great complement to your current efforts, drive more traffic to your website, and facilitate reputation management and brand awareness.

By signing up for one of Alan Aldous’ PR packages for cannabis retail, growers and processors, or accessories brands, your company will also receive preferred pricing on press releases, announcements, digital campaigns, and more.

Call us—we’re here to answer your questions.

Are you a cannabis retail, growers and processors, or accessories brand? Call us at +1 (844)-4-WEED-PR or fill out our contact form to book a 15-minute call with someone at Alan Aldous.

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