Where to celebrate Bicycle Day (and 420) online in 2020

Bicycle day, LSD

Where to celebrate Bicycle Day (and 420) online in 2020 1

LSD found to be sensational on this day in 1943

Bicycle Day—April 19 marks a global celebration of psychedelic research and education in honour of the anniversary of Albert Hofmann’s first intentional use of LSD. This year brings an opportunity for a genuinely global commemoration of Bicycle Day in digital space. To mark the occasion, several organizations and well-loved psychonauts will be hosting or taking part in online “happenings” instead of the in-person kind. It might be an unconventional year of isolation, but separation isn’t stopping the psychedelics community from convening online. We found a whole selection of virtual psychedelic events to take you from brunch on Bicycle Day and straight into April 20—as in 420—tomorrow.

Psychedelic Calendar for Bicycle Day, the global celebration of LSD, 2020

Starting 11 am PDT: Delic is holding a virtual block party with psychedelic MDs and academics, mixed up with some art, music, and giveaways. It’s all happening live and for free on Zoom, Facebook, and Youtube.

12:30–2 pm (PDT): Tune in for a special livestream brunch show from Rachel Lark’s living room. Rock up in your pyjamas, bring your brunch to the party, and enjoy a dance party led by Oakland based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

3–7:30 pm EDT: Join the Brooklyn Psychedelic Society this Bicycle Day for two fascinating discussions with Christopher Bache, Ph.D, author of LSD and the Mind of the Universe and chemist, writer, and host of Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia on VICE, Hamilton Morris.

5 pm EDT: Join a special digital Darshan ($10) with author and Psychedelic Sangha co-founder Erik Davis who will lead a discussion titled “LSD: Still a Problem Child,” focusing on the legacy of LSD culture and spirituality that began with Dr. Albert Hofmann.

Starting at 5 pm PDT: Join the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) for Bicycle Night, a live immersive online experience. Wander through a curated collection of livestream experiences and meet like-minded people along the way. Registration is free.

6 pm MDT: Merged with the MAPS event is Psychedelic Storytelling: Celebrating the Weird, Wild, & Wonderful of LSD, a free event co-hosted by Mike Brancatelli of the Mikeadelic podcast.

12–2 pm EDT: The Grand Rapids Psychedelic Society is holding an all-day psychedelic Zoom meeting with a focused discussion around the discovery of LSD, Albert Hofmann, and other psychedelic queries.

Happy Bicycle Day to our fellow psychonauts, whether you are indulging in a dose of something or not!

Where to celebrate Bicycle Day (and 420) online in 2020 2

More fun to be had on April 20th (420)

Are you looking for something cannabis-related to do or watch on 420? Last year we were enjoying a session in the pot-io of a local licensed producer but this year we will have to sesh over Zoom. Here are some of the virtual 420 events that look promising.

12–4:20 pm PDT: The Miss Grass Summit featuring Chelsea Handler is like a virtual smoking sesh, a lunch and learn, and Chelsea’s “get good at weed” workshop. Graze from a buffet of topics, like How Weed Works and Sex + Weed in Quarantine, and support initiatives like the Last Prisoner Project and a COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund all over Zoom.

2:20–5:20 pm PDT: Join Kiaro and a lineup of industry leaders and influencers for Virtual Vibe—greenhouse tours, a cooking demo, and a guided meditation, plus tutorials on safe consumption, cannabis accessories and sustainable production practices.

Special guest hosts include Andrew Gordon (Kiaro), Chris Sayegh (The Herbal Chef), Adam Greenblatt (Tweed), Dan Sutton (Tantalus Labs), Emily Leung (OHAI), Lilly Angelos (humble+fume), Billy Abesdris (Simply Bare Organic), Jessica & Stephanie, (Root Creative), plus Tamu and Zia Stolbie (The Stolbie Sisters).

3.10 pm-4:40 pm EDT: Join 7Acres for Canada’s biggest virtual Sesh this 4/20, with comedy by Mike Rita plus music by DJ Mensa.

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See the events Alan Aldous has provided media sponsorship or partnership, like the CRAC’s Canadian Revival of Psychedelic Research Dinner and the Microdose Virtual Psychedelic Conference.

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