Cannabis Genetics Complete Flight from Saskatchewan to South Africa in Mother Labs, Rascal Seed Deal

Cannabis Genetics Complete Flight from Saskatchewan to South Africa in Mother Labs, Rascal Seed Deal

For Immediate Release—Mother Lab’s Cannabis Genetics Complete Flight in Groundbreaking Deal

SASKATOON, Saskatchewan, Aug. 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mother Labs Inc. (“Mother Labs”) and Rascal Seed Research Laboratories Pty. Ltd. (“Rascal Seed”) are happy to announce a shipment of tissue culture germplasm has been successfully received in South Africa with Health Canada’s approval granted earlier this year. The companies have entered a long-term multi-year partnership whereby Mother Labs will supply contractual genetics, including more than ten (10) premium, high-quality cultivars to the South African Tissue Culture Laboratory and Research Facility.

Rascal Seed has selected premium genetics, cultivars that are 22-30% THC and +3% terpenes, and verified pest and pathogen-free, from Mother Lab’s curated inventory of plant material. In addition to this, Mother Labs’ expertise in dynamic supply and logistics supports Rascal Seeds’ research by ensuring that global air-freight shipments of these industry-shaping genetics arrive at the destination safely. Such relationships should help lead the way in the rapidly expanding market of medical cannabis in South Africa.

“For Rascal Seed, partnering with Mother Labs, an internationally recognized cannabis breeding and consulting company, for sourcing its genetics is a significant step towards starting in the direction of producing superior, consistent material, suitable for the medicinal cannabis industry. In partnership with Mother Labs and with our substantial experience in tissue culture technology and greenhouse cultivation, we also have plans to become an accredited source of reliable cannabis genetics in South Africa.” — Dawie Ras, Rascal Seed CEO.

“This successful shipment to South Africa signifies a new era in the international cannabis market. Mother Labs is excited to continue adding value to the international space by leveraging our extensive list of genetic offerings, our industry leading tissue culture lab, and the countless years of cannabis experience our team possesses. This is the first of many successful international deliveries.” — Brian Bain, Mother Labs CEO.

By providing trusted cannabis genetics, Mother Labs’ process of Biological Asset Management (BAM™) should help support cannabis reforms that are currently sweeping the continent of Africa, where the regulated cannabis industry is predicted to be worth as much as $7.1 billion by 2023.

For more information about Mother Labs, please visit the Mother Labs Media Kit.

About Rascal Seed—South Africa

Established in 1993, Rascal was the first private enterprise to produce minitubers in South Africa. Rascal is the largest producer of certified generation 0 minitubers in Africa and one of the largest in the world, with current annual production of over 7 million minitubers. They boast a tissue culture lab employing highly experienced staff to ensure maximum productivity combined with strict sanitation and quality control. In addition, they supply tissue culture products in commercial quantities at competitive prices.

About Mother Labs—Sasktatoon, Saskatchewan

Mother Labs is a full-service cannabis supplier specializing in Biological Asset Management, or BAM™. Mother’s nursery and tissue culture lab are committed to helping the cannabis industry succeed and thrive by providing the resources needed to bring a healthy supply of premium cannabis starting materials and unique genetic profiles to the market. The Company’s team specializes in contractual plant material supply, cultivation consultation, genetic procurement/supply, genetic remediation, and genetic storage. Mother Labs’ proprietary process to grow and develop consistent, quality cannabis through innovation helps its clients increase revenues, mitigate risks, and increase their operations’ efficiency and overall success.

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