4 Things to Concentrate Your Cannabis Marketing and PR On for 710 in 2023

4 Things to Concentrate Your Cannabis Marketing and PR On for 710 in 2023

Cannabis concentrates are one of the most intriguing categories in the industry. These products range from the oldest consumption methods, like hash, to the latest technologies, such as vapour-static extraction. Concentrates distill the plant’s terpenes and cannabinoids into more potent and accessible forms.

While there are some barriers to entry with concentrates, such as operating expenses, equipment, and mastering techniques, the increasing legalization of cannabis and the growing consumer education about various products are changing the landscape. Hash culture and products like budder, rosin, crumble, distillate, live resin, wax, sauce, shatter, diamonds, honeycomb, sugar, bubble hash, CO2, and Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) are becoming more mainstream.

The significance of 710, which spells OIL upside down and backward, has grown, becoming the third-largest retail holiday in the cannabis industry. This day shines a spotlight on concentrates, providing an excellent opportunity for brands to engage with consumers. Here’s how brands can make the most of 710:

1. Cannabis Marketing Through Consumer Education

Educating consumers is crucial in the cannabis industry. Both B2B and B2C education are vital, especially in emerging markets. In Canada, sales of cannabis concentrates are high because consumers have had more time to discover these products. For products new to the market, conditions are favourable for consumers to explore various forms of concentrates, starting from their in-store experience.

The learning curve for concentrates—understanding the jargon, dosages, consumption methods, and equipment—presents a significant opportunity for brands to earn consumer trust through expertise and authority.

2. Listening to Consumers

Understanding consumer desires is essential for producers and retailers. Practicing active listening helps identify what consumers are looking for. Medical cannabis patients might prefer higher doses of THC and richer terpene concentrations for chronic pain relief. Others might seek discretion and portability. Tailoring recommendations based on these insights can significantly enhance customer satisfaction.

3. Highlight Concentrate Culture

Mainstream media often needs context to understand the relevance of concentrates. Educating journalists about why their audience should be interested in concentrates can help bridge this gap. Articles in mainstream media exemplify how publicists and journalists can collaborate to make concentrates more comprehensible to mainstream audiences.

Publicists should tailor their pitches to match the interests of different journalists. Whether highlighting the technological advancements in extraction processes or exploring labour safety, framing the story appropriately can make a significant impact.

4. Collaborate on Your Cannabis Marketing

Strategic partnerships between like-minded brands can expand the reach of concentrates. Creating opportunities to showcase how cannabis concentrates integrate into everyday life can attract a broader audience. These collaborations not only increase visibility but also highlight concentrates’ versatility.

Is Your Brand Ready for 710?

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