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About Alan Aldous.

Telling stories worth being told

Alan Aldous Communications is a public relations and digital marketing agency focused on providing transparency to the world of regulated industries. Our mission is to provide real value through our services to companies on the leading edge of change.

What you see is what you get with Alan. The team has years of combined experience in the regulated Canadian media landscape, with past published work in publications such as Leafly, The Growth Op, Lift News, and MJ Retailer, just to name a few. We’ve built up what we believe is Canada’s largest media database for the emerging markets.

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Case Studies

Mary Agrotechnologies


Mary began as an Indiegogo dream story. Now they are using their tech to solve the problem of food deserts on a global scale. It’s a challenge to balance it all but with Alan Aldous they know that their messaging is always on-point.


We leveraged 2020’s growing sentiment toward “grow your own” herbs to create maximum buzz around Mary as a product while the team was busy applying for a very rare opportunity to grow herbs in China. That, along with their IPO has given us many chances to keep Mary AG and their growing operations in the public eye on a regular basis.


More than 16 earned media opportunities.


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CB Therapeutics


Biotech company CB Therapeutics sought traditional PR services, a complete face-lift of their website, as well as social media strategy, growth and management.


We created a beautiful website for CB, and in our first month of providing services to the client we started immediately connecting them with pertinent media publishers that wanted to feature CB in their publications. On the social media front, we developed an entire social media strategy, created assets and deployed the strategy along alongside  organic follower growth.


100%+ Lift in Website Traffic
500 New Followers in 1 month on brand new Instagram

View The Website Here.
View Our Social Media Work for CB Here.

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