How Have Publicists and Journalists Used Media to Demystify Cannabis Concentrates Since 2015?

How Are Publicists and Journalists Making Cannabis Concentrates Understandable for Mainstream Audiences?

Cannabis publicists and journalists have collaborated to effectively make cannabis concentrates more comprehensible to mainstream audiences by employing various strategies. 

We’ve observed these stories surface in sources like The Cannabist, WeedMaps, and Leafly. They are usually backed by expert sources who can provide educational information that helps to demystify this often misunderstood section of the cannabis retail store.

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Here are the fundamental approaches to educating consumers about cannabis concentrates using the media.

5 Ways the Media Is Making Cannabis Concentrates More Mainstream

Since 2015, the media has been publishing educational content, bringing cannabis concentrates into the mainstream. Here are the five main ways we’ve observed over the years.

  1. Educational Articles and Guides

Educational guides and FAQs about cannabis concentrates have helped consumers over time put names to the various types of extracts. 

These guides also outline the different processing techniques and information on dabbing, vaping, and other ways to use concentrates

Publicists can support these efforts by providing detailed, accessible information and expert interviews to ensure accuracy and depth.​

  1. Contextualizing for Mainstream Audiences

Publicists can help journalists understand the broader context and relevance of cannabis concentrates by framing them within more significant trends or technological advancements. 

For instance, publicists might highlight the growing popularity of vaping or the development of safer extraction methods, making the topic more appealing to technology or health journalists​. 

This tactic results in a more culturally rich explanation of the rise of concentrates, like history-rich hash.

  1. Personal Stories and Case Studies

By featuring personal stories of consumers who have experienced the benefits of cannabis concentrates, the topic becomes more than just information. It becomes a connection. 

Publicists can facilitate these connections, allowing journalists to share consumers’ experiences, whether about medical benefits or lifestyle integration. 

These narratives humanize the subject and provide tangible examples of concentrates’ benefits and uses​, fostering a sense of connection and empathy​.

  1. Collaborative Content Creation

Publicists and journalists can create engaging multimedia content such as videos, infographics, and interactive articles. These formats can break down expert information into easily digestible segments, helping to demystify concentrates

For example, a video demonstrating how to use different types of concentrates or an infographic comparing various extraction methods can be highly effective​.

  1. Expert Opinions and Research

Articles about cannabis concentrates gain credibility by incorporating insights from cannabis industry experts, scientists, and medical professionals. For instance, what is the effect of cannabis concentrates on memory (compared to flower)?

Publicists can arrange interviews and provide research studies or white papers that journalists can use to support their stories, ensuring the information is accurate and authoritative​. This emphasis on expert knowledge instills a sense of confidence in the audience​.

By leveraging these strategies, publicists and journalists can make cannabis concentrates more understandable and appealing to a broader audience, helping to bridge the knowledge gap and foster greater acceptance and interest in these products.

In Conclusion.

The collaboration between publicists and journalists is pivotal in making cannabis concentrates more comprehensible to mainstream audiences. 

By crafting educational articles, contextualizing the information, sharing personal stories, creating engaging multimedia content, and incorporating expert opinions, they can bridge the knowledge gap and enhance the visibility and acceptance of cannabis concentrates. 

This collaborative effort not only informs but also demystifies the complexities of cannabis products, helping to integrate them into mainstream discussions and consumer markets. 

The industry can foster a more informed and receptive audience through these strategies, ultimately driving growth and innovation in the cannabis sector.

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