Medical Marijuana: The Story of Dennis Peron, The San Francisco Cannabis Buyers Club and the Ensuing Road to Legalization by Michael Malott 1

Medical Marijuana: The Story of Dennis Peron, The San Francisco Cannabis Buyers Club and the ensuing road to legalization

by Michael Malott

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Dennis Peron is the person behind the legalization of medical marijuana in the State of California. In the mid 90’s, Dennis opened the legendary S.F. Cannabis Buyers Club. A five-story storefront, which openly distributed hundreds of pounds of medical marijuana daily to sick and dying patients. Despite its main street location, the club continued to openly sell marijuana without interference by police or city officials under the protection of CA. Prop. 215, which allowed the use of medical marijuana with a doctor’s recommendation. Eventually State Attorney General, Dan Lundgren and his officers raided the club. The raid opened the door to one of the most publicized and criticized police acts in the history of the legal system. Lundgren felt repercussions through the San Francisco Police Department, city hall, the mayors office all the way to Washington, D.C. Lundgren was shunned for using the raid as a platform for himself for the upcoming Democratic Convention which had been only days away. Everyone all the way up to local churches stepped up and started to distribute medical marijuana to San Francisco’s sick and dying. Thousands gathered to protest Lungren’s actions and the San Francisco was thrust into the worldwide media spotlight in one of the most controversial legal issues of this century. Lungren was criticized all the way to Washington D.C. and Peron became a real American hero. At present day, literally hundreds of cannabis buyers clubs now openly distribute medical marijuana throughout California. Medical recommendations are freely distributed to thousands of California residents for anything from anxiety to AIDS. Oakland is now commonly referred to as “Oaksterdam” and reminiscent of Amsterdam, clubs fill the downtown area right next store to city hall. This is the story of one incredible man who had compassion, vision, and a dream, and against impossible odds he made it a reality.

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