Mary AG, Maker of Canada’s Best-Performing Grow Box Featured in Postmedia’s The GrowthOp

Mary AG's Model Z grow box, an enclosed system for growing plants indoors or in small areas.

Mary Agrotechnologies in Postmedia's cannabis journal, The Growthop

Journalist, Sam Riches, of Postmedia recently spoke to Frank Qin and David Byer of Mary Agrotechnologies for Weekend Dispensary and The GrowthOp.

In the article, Riches highlighted some of the newest developments in the Mary AG story.

  • The data-driven agri-tech company is now developing systems for both at-home consumers and commercial operators.
  • The company is developing a 150,000-sq-ft facility in Yunnan, and it will be China’s only facility with European Union Good Manufacturing Practices (EU-GMP) certification.
  • The company is ramping up production and distribution of its signature Model Z grow box, an enclosed system for growing plants indoors or in small areas.

Excerpt from “Trying to grow better weed? There’s an algorithm for that and it might help solve food insecurity”

The Model Z is Wi-Fi equipped, artificial intelligence provides built-in air conditioning, a filtering system combats odour and mould, and pre-made nutrient packs can be deployed via a smartphone app. The plants can be grown anywhere and monitored remotely.

Qin built manufacturing relationships in China to get the Mary system off the ground and those connections helped propel his acquisition of the company’s coveted licences. Operating there, however, was never in the original plans.

“We first knew about hemp being legal in China back in 2019, when we’re doing our manufacturing here,” Qin says. “We were surprised to learn it was legal.”

After multiple visits and preliminary discussions with the government, they learned that there were problems in Yunnan keeping track of outdoor cultivation.

Read the full story on The GrowthOp.

Information for journalists

Hi-resolution images of the Mary Model Z ($1,349 CAD) and more press materials can be found in the Mary AG Media Kit.

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