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Your Friendly Neighbourhood Cannabis Shop. For the Love of the Plant.

Our mission is to spread the Love of the plant and educate consumers on the benefits of the plant. Also, we hope that through education the public with raise awareness surrounding the plant and thereby reduce the stigma around Cannabis consumption. At one time Hamilton had over 50 illegal dispensaries. We are proud to open our first store in the Cannabis consumption capital of Canada.


Promoting passion, knowledge and premium cannabis to Hamilton community. With several corporate stores moving into the Greater Hamilton Area, 420 Love is a brand that is by Hamiltonians, for Hamiltonians. With over 50 years of retail experience in the Hamilton area, the second generation of Eduardo Imports is planning to take over Hamilton with at least 3 different cannabis stores planned for the Hamilton area.


With plenty of legacy experience, and legal retail stores coming to Hamilton, 420 LOVE promises to set itself apart from the competition by literally matching any price offered by any of their competitors.

420 Love wishes to serve the local community and make legal cannabis shopping simple by offering only the top-sellers on the OCS (top-notch batches that are proven to be popular by general consensus), daily $4.20 discounts on prerolls, and the greatest hits menu that will feature rotating cannabis products to allow customers to try new exciting products at the communities lowest prices. Finally, there will be the “Hall of Fame” list which includes a list of the highway THC products available in the store with the retail prices.

With plenty of corporate cannabis retailers opening up shop, 420 love wishes to provide customers with a highly curated “top-seller-only” so customers do not need to pay “an arm and a leg” to find products that work for them. For the love of the plant, and the love of the community; deals and loyalty programs promise to keep valued customers returning without the need for a flashy and/or pretentious corporate retail store experience!

Quote from Store Manager – John Smith (Sourced from first Store-Opening News Release):

“We hope to bring the local community together during this most difficult time. We respect the pioneers and trailblazers, and we want to continue the tradition of sharing love. We are not a publicly traded company or a franchise, we have no connections with Licensed Producers, so we will only stock and sell best-sellers. We do it for the love of the plant. We welcome the public to come experience your friendly neighbourhood cannabis store – 420 Love.”

– John Smith (Store Manager)

Store Manager

John Smith – Experience cannabis retail store manager, worked at 21 Bloor St Toronto Tokyo Smoke store. Familiar with store purchasing/COVA, top-sellers, customer service, and product knowledge.

Licence Holder

Cinzia Genuardi – Born on April 20th (420), inspiration between the brand.



First of 3 stores planned for Hamilton

Hess Village – 246-248 King Street W in Hamilton.

Opened Thursday August 27th 2020

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Opening Soon

976 Main St E. Hamilton: Next to the Iconic Gage Park, the building was previously Connaught Film & Chips.

Soon to be transformed into the second 420 Love store.

Media Contacts

PR contact: alex@alanaldous.com

PR contact: alana@alanaldous.com

General PR inbox: alan@alanaldous.com

Request a 420 Love Media Swag Bag! (and personalized store tour) Send email to alan@alanaldous.com for media accreditation and we would be happy to arrange a special delivery of 420 swag!

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