Boomer Brand Management

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What They Do.

Boomer Brand Management creates functional packaging, graphic design, websites, and 3D prototypes that look terrific and satisfy stringent federally-enforced regulations. The company understands the delicate balance between representing a brand beautifully, and working within the federal cannabis packaging regulations.

From eye-catching creative concepts that perform beautifully for discerning cannabis consumers, to hyper-customized designs, Boomer brings their client's wildest dreams to life in as little as 30 days.

  • Graphic Design
  • Website Design
  • Cannabis Product Packaging
  • 3D Printing and Animation

Brad Trumper, Boomer Brand Management CEO.

Brad Trumper is a Canadian entrepreneur who has worked on multiple continents, filling service gaps in the cannabis and fitness sectors worldwide, all before turning thirty.

Boomer Brand Management began as a consultation company for operations, pivoting when Trumper developed a passion for the cannabis packaging world and saw many opportunities to improve these products. With a background in operations, production, and logistics, connecting to resources and setting up sales pipelines for highly regulated items like legal cannabis packaging for licensed producers came naturally to Trumper. Boomer's most meaningful milestones to date include working with the number one selling Cannabis pre-roll company in Ontario for 2019 and helping support indigenous communities and dispensaries to be above the standard safety level packaging.

Trumper’s most steadfast business conviction is that changing the business to accommodate customer needs and requests is job number one. It’s because of this that Boomer is now proudly delivering highly-customized products within a tiny 30-day window. “If you don’t listen to your customer, what are you doing?” asks Trumper.

Always searching for a new perspective on things, Trumper takes advantage of sunny weather to do as much work as possible from atop his paddleboard.

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