Listening to Ecstasy by Charles Wininger

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Charley Wininger, "Listening to Ecstasy" 3


In his book, "Listening to Ecstasy: The Transformative Power of MDMA," Charley reveals how this "chemical of connection" has enhanced his marriage both erotically and emotionally, and describes how play, fun, and joy can be profound bonding and transformative experiences.

Says the author, “This is also the story of how my wife and I entered a forbidden world of drug users, and found it to be enchanted. MDMA opened up our lives to new friends, fun, and freedom. It’s also helped us navigate the aging process as we transitioned from middle age into our sixties and seventies.”

Charley is available for interviews to talk about the book, the safe and intentional use of MDMA, and about how this medicine can serve as a kind of "super glue" for relationships.

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