CSSDP's Get Sensible Toolkit for Parents

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If you’re looking for realistic and evidence-based cannabis education for youth, you’ve come to the right place.

The Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy have developed the Sensible Cannabis Education Toolkit to support adults in having informed and non-judgmental conversations with young people about cannabis. The Get Sensible Campaign was launched to carry this message across Canada.


Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy (CSSDP) is a national grassroots network of student and youth chapters working on drug policy issues facing their communities. CSSDP considers harmful drug use a health issue rather than a criminal justice issue, and advocates for appropriate responses to reduce and prevent the harms associated with drug use.

CSSDP provides education and resources to empower and mobilize members to participate in the political process at all levels in order to support sensible drug policies. In this way, CSSDP endeavours to achieve a safer and more just future, while combating counterproductive drug policies, including those that directly harm young people. CSSDP collaborates with other organizations and campaigns to support harm reduction, evidence-based legislation, and drug policy reform at the local, national, and international level.
CSSDP is a recipient of the federal government’s Substance Use and Addiction Program grant in 2020, which provides two-years of funding to advance sensible cannabis education for young people. These funds allow CSSDP to facilitate a national dialogue with young people age 17-25 about cannabis in person and online, with the inclusion of peer leaders to ensure youth perspectives and approaches are centred and uplifted.

CSSDP is also working to increase the reach and distribution of the Get Sensible toolkit, which is available both online and in print in 5 languages (English, French, Mandarin, Punjabi, and Spanish). The toolkit supports adults in having informed and non-judgmental conversations with young people about cannabis.

CSSDP launches the Get Sensible toolkit for Canadian parents of youth

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