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Mary AG's Model Z grow box, an enclosed system for growing plants indoors or in small areas.
Mary AG's Model Z grows cannabis like it's summer all year

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About Mary Agrotechnologies.

  • One of the most competitively-priced grow boxes on the market
  • Top yields as big as 3.4oz
  • Built in Canada
  • Dual electrochromatic glass (e-glass) turns clear, or blocks the outside light with the tap of a finger.
  • Hololights deliver the ideal spectrum for each stage of growth.
  • The most advanced multi-directional lighting system in the growbox market with 1.776 kW per cubic metre.
  • Pre-measured, species-specific nutrients for every stage of growth for your plant make feeding easy.
  • Active carbon filter for zero smell.
  • Mary controls the temperature of the chamber while protecting the plant from outside contaminants.

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About Mary AG’s Model Z.

The Smart Automated Home Grow Box With Uncompromising Features

Mary makes growing cannabis — or any herb or flower — easy, fun, and educational. You don’t need to know anything about growing. Just put in the seed or seedling, sit back and watch it grow.

The Model Z is Wi-Fi equipped, artificial intelligence provides built-in air conditioning, a filtering system combats odour and mould, and pre-made nutrient packs can be deployed via a smartphone app.

Mary has over a dozen sensors built-in to constantly monitor and analyze everything that is important to your plant’s growth. Each time you grow, Mary learns how to produce a larger harvest in less time through learning from all other units in the community.

Plants can be grown anywhere and monitored remotely.

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The Team.

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Frank Qin

Chief Executive Officer

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David Byer

Chief Operating Officer

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Mary’s latest news.

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“Trying to grow better weed? There’s an algorithm for that and it might help solve food insecurity” (The GrowthOp)

“A company at the intersection of cannabis, technology and international sector expansion” (Business of Cannabis)

“Mary Agrotechnologies Inc. Commences Trading Under CSE Ticker Symbol MARY and Completes Private Placement” (PR)

Past news from Mary.

“The Best Grow Box of 2020 Has Arrived in Canada” (Extract Magazine, Oct. 2020)

“The Path to Peace with China is Paved with Pot” (Business of Cannabis, Oct. 2020)

“How This Cannabis Hardware Startup Survived the COVID-19 Supply Chain Collapse” (The Rise, May, 2020)

“More legal cannabis seeds are coming to online stores. Will anyone buy them?” (The GrowthOp, May 2020)

“Must-have gift ideas for dad” (Global News, June 2020)

“Home grows have taken on an entirely different meaning for cannabis companies and enthusiasts during the pandemic” (The GrowthOp, May 2020)

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