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Our Mission.

Microdose is building a universe of compelling content, cutting edge conferences, and collaborative projects, while enabling technology and documenting the entire psychedelic industry from investment through science and clinical applications.

Their team brings together the companies, researchers, medical professionals, financiers, advocates and patients who are driving the psychedelic medicine revolution. Their mission is to help the industry connect, learn, discuss, and grow.

Why We Exist.

    • The international medical market is primed for the expansion of psychedelic players in first-mover jurisdictions (like Canada and certain US states) interested in worthy investment opportunities or medical research insights. Microdose serves as an educational hub for informative courses, live recorded panel discussions, and virtual conferences/seminars where those who are interested in the psychedelics industry can collaborate and communicate their visions with a growing community of psychonauts.
    • They create industry leading insights on the inner workings of psychedelics research, as well as content for companies and thought leaders.
    • They serve a very broad audience that has an interest in Psychedelics, whether you’re a doctor, pharmacist, stock broker, investment banker, or startup entrepreneur – Microdose has you covered.


      • Promote education
      • Tell interesting stories
      • Uncover “diamonds in the rough”
      • Develop industry leading psychedelic market insights
      • Promote collaboration and continuous progress towards psychedelic medicines acceptance
      • Respect for integrity

Prospective Media Opportunities.

Here are some of the topics Microdose is ready to discuss:

      • Thought Leaders in the psychedelics
      • Novel research, clinical trial milestones, patents, and patient/doctor insights
      • International investment opportunities
      • Upcoming financial raises
      • Who to watch in the psychedelics space

Microdose Blog

Creating a dialogue between the Microdose and its community of followers. The blog aims to unpack nuanced debates in the psychedelic industry, demystifying many commonly held misconceptions and or recent discoveries with regards to the efficacious use of psychedelic therapies/medicines for specific beneficial medical, mental, spiritual purposes.

The Team.

Patrick Moher

Chief Executive Officer

Serial Entrepreneur and professional photographer. Founder of Ethical Image and Goodwood Accessories, and partner at Alan Aldous Communications & ADCANN.

Connor Haslam

Chief Product Officer

Creative director and co-founding partner of numerous ventures while specializing in design, architecture and systems automation.

Henri Sant-Cassia

Board Director

Co-founding partner at The Conscious Fund, he also works on initiatives such the European Centre of Psychedelic Excellence, Hive.

Richard Skaife


Co-founding partner at The Conscious Fund, he has decades of venture capital, media and live events experience.

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