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A community-minded, artsy cannabis store in the heart of downtown Toronto’s most upscale shopping district.

Tokyo Smoke at 21 Bloor St. E. will serve the local community, while also welcoming curious tourists who may entering a legal cannabis store for the first time in their lives. This location will serve as a beautiful, clean, friendly, and educational space for the Canadian cannabis story to live alongside some of the license holder’s most prized possessions: spectacular, original art from the master of mystery, Banksy.

Brand Direction & Long-Term Goals.

As the license holder for Toronto’s newest cannabis store, owner Rob Heydon chose to partner with Tokyo Smoke of his first retail location. Heydon is a Canadian filmmaker, having directed “Ecstacy,” a film based the cultish sub-culture book of the same name by Irvine Welsh. Rob hopes to share part of his exciting and eccentric life in a way that pushes the envelope of Tokyo Smoke’s established retail branding. To do this, Rob has brought in some of his prized possessions—original works by the mysterious and politically-charged British street artist, Banksy. Some of these pieces have never been seen in Canada.

Beauty meets function meets flower at Tokyo Smoke’s flagship store, which stocks tools of convenience alongside high design bongs and pipes that built Tokyo Smoke’s reputation as a curatorial brand. Consumers of all types will feel comfortable walking into Tokyo Smoke at 21 Bloor St. E. and finding everything they want in flower, oil, vapes, and accessories while discovering something new.

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