Will Psychedelics be Affected by the Upcoming 2020 US Election?

How will the 2020 USA elections affect the psychedelics industry?

These past two weeks Alan Aldoua has been grateful to share some positive news while attempting to shout above the negative din of the US election. Most pressingly, we are eager to get lovers of psychedelics, as well as the psychedelic-curious, to register for Charley Wininger’s virtual interactive zoom book launch, November 13.

Did you read Amanda Siebert’s Charley’s profile for Forbes, where he calls the drug MDMA the glue of his marriage? We loved it. If you have not read it yet, check it out; it’s not every day we get to see Forbes write about MDMA.

We also love the excerpt that The GrowthOp ran, in which Charley explains his book’s raison d ‘être. We very much hope that Charley will become a mainstay on the GrowthOp channels as he can provide tremendous insights on the topics of love, relationships, and of course, ceremonious psychedelics and play as tools to experience ageing in a positive new light.

What do the US elections mean for psychedelics?

Entheon Biomedical‘s CEO Timothy Ko has been doing the virtual rounds on the conference circuit, speaking at both the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference and the PsyTech Psychedelics Conference this past week. Entheon is proud to announce that they will soon be listed on the CSE as one of the first drug discovery harm reduction focused therapeutic companies focused primarily on DMT/5MeO-DMT and their respective analogs.

When PsyTech asked Entheon Biomedical’s CEO, Timothy Ko, what he thinks the election will mean for psychedelics, he was ready to serve his answer:

“With the election being so dynamic and divisive, it is hard to get a grip through the noise on what the platforms for candidates are as they apply to psychedelic medicine. Much of the approvals and granting of breakthrough status have come under the current administration so there has been no indicator of cultural resistance, but the reasoning is often suggested that a democratic president would be more culturally lenient, and some of Biden’s platform positions indicate a relaxed attitude to cannabis. Whatever the case may be, the pandemic has highlighted a need for mental health treatments, and there we do require leadership when it comes to the effects of the lockdowns on mental health and substance use.”

Entheon is proud to announce that they will soon be listed on the CSE as one of the first drug discovery harm reduction focused therapeutic companies focused primarily on DMT/5MeO-DMT and their respective analogs. Press release coming soon!

Look who made the front page of Yahoo! Finance.

Mary Agrotechnologies made the front page of Yahoo! Finance last week because Jeff Lagerquist covered their emerging story. Yes, the company has managed to secure a highly-coveted licence to grow hemp for CBD in the world’s most populous nation, plus a conditional licence to extract and process the increasingly popular non-intoxicating cannabis compound. Before the Yahoo article, David has been gathering increased attention as a topic expert when it comes to North American and Chinese trade relations (not just when it comes to cannabis). Jameson’s excellent piece mentions that cannabis may act as “an olive branch” for future trade relations between Canada and the US.

Read more about Mary’s adventures in China in Jameson Berkow’s latest piece for the Business of Cannabis.

Plus, their website received some updates. Go over to Mary.ag and take a look; it went from good to gorgeous.

Trying to make great weed at the best price a thing.

Last week, we launched a product called Sparkdown, a suite of digital marketing and lead generation services for authorized Canadian stores.

We onboarded clients The Neighbourhood Joint and Erbn Green, two great independent cannabis retail brands in Ontario. Alan Aldous hopes to bring the Sparkdown platform nationwide to assist independently-owned cannabis retailers in driving traffic and competing to gain the everyday Canadian’s trust.

Speaking of Erbn Green. They are now officially open mid-town Toronto, with more locations to come.

Canada’s first independently female-owned cannabis retail chain has opened location #1 at 3244 Yonge, near Sheppard. It’s so chic. Erbn was on Business Of Cannabis this week with Jay Rosenthal and Krista Raymer. They came by to check out the new digs and get the inside scoop about the brand concept store design and customer experience from Chief Compliance Officer Farrell Miller.

We recommend following Erbn Green on Instagram, where we’ve been enjoying the beautifully curated imagery and the sly innuendos. With great pride for the Erbn Green team, we congratulate them on opening the first of several planned retail locations and hope they save us some delicious ‘erbs.

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