Why Upgrade Your Company Website in 2024

Why Upgrade Your Company Website in 2024

“Upgrading your company website is like hiring your best salesperson ever.” —Alan Aldous.

Building a new website is a drag.

Don’t get us wrong; the planning stages are exciting, and the debut is always special, but the actual building and populating stages are often the muddiest parts of the website.

That’s why Wix and Squarespace do so well with medispas and salons, tattoo parlours, and small business accountants.

Typically, these businesses aren’t excited to part with upwards of $5,000 for a real website optimized for Google searches.

Are You Wasting Cash on An Expensive Company Website Upgrade?

An expensive website costs more in maintenance and hosting than it generates in leads and sales.

The internet is a graveyard of cheaply made sites that act like no more than an expensive business card—a costly one if you consider how little it does for the business. 

Think of it. 

Suppose a local website doesn’t appear on one of the first few pages of your Google search when looking for nearby Montessori schools, hair salons, veterinary clinics, or autobody shops.

In that case, you assume there’s a reason for that—bad service, out of service, or something in between.

Why pay annual hosting fees for a digital business card at the bottom of Google search results? It’s one of the biggest SEO mistakes a business of any size can make.

If your website is draining more cash than it’s earning, it’s time to get rid of it or invest in something that will generate sales.

3 Website Upgrades We Tackle With Each New Client

How do we approach our website upgrades with each new client? First, we fully migrate websites that aren’t already there onto WordPress. This is the first step to SEO gains.

Improve navigability for visitors

Is your bounce rate high on both mobile devices and desktops? Are shoppers leaving items in their carts? It could mean flaws in your design, errors on your landing pages, or a navigation flow that makes sense to you but not your customers.

However, this often-seen website problem is easy to fix with the correct diagnosis.

Keep qualified leads clicking

A good website should keep visitors clicking around for more. Instead of just reading one page on your site, they should get a little lost in the experience. Furthermore, your website should convert prospects into leads, acting like a salesperson you don’t have to pay. 

Become more mobile-friendly

Is your bounce rate higher on mobile devices than it is on desktop? It could indicate that your website isn’t mobile-friendly enough, and if you are trying to market a product or service there, that means lost sales and dead leads — just what your competition wants.

We Offer Full Relocations to WordPress, and You Pay Monthly

We offer full relocations to WordPress, content creation, and optimization on a monthly subscription basis.

With a design touch, excellent navigation, SEO-rich content, and mobile optimization, a website can attract qualified visitors, keep them on the site longer, communicate better, and turn visitors into converted customers.

Are you looking for a new website before the end of the year? Call us at 647-696-0645 or sign up for our newsletter for more on website improvements and web accessibility.


How do I fix a bounce rate problem on my business website?

Bringing people to your website is easy, but making it a beautiful place to explore and learn is all about the design plus the content.

If people leave your site before they read anything or follow through with any call to action, it’s time to fix your bounce rate problem.

Optimized pages and inner links between pages increase on-site SEO. Attracting potential customers to your website might come easily, but how long they stay on it can say a lot about how user-friendly, attractive, and interesting the actual website is.

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