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Welcome To Alan Aldous Communications. We are a premiere and specialized Toronto PR firm! Our team of top Toronto Public Relations experts and publicsts have (combined) decades of experience helping companies and brands achieve their goals through affordable and effective marketing strategies. Our main objective is to get you the exposure you deserve and increase your overall ROI and revenue. Contact us today for a free discovery call.

Why Choose Our Toronto PR Firm?

Our Toronto public relations firm is unique in the sense that it is comprised of a diverse and skilled team of experts ranging from internationally renowned publicists to highly experienced marketing consultants and coupled lastly with highly respected and certified attorneys to help guide you through each aspect of your campaign. With this dream team, we are able to offer a caliber and level of service that is far beyond any of our competitors. When you work with our PR agency you can expect nothing short of exceptional customer service as well as a dedicated team that will deliver and produce the results and goals you are looking to attain.

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What Services Does Our Toronto PR Firm Offer?

In order to ensure our clients achieve the best results possible, we offer a vast array of in-house PR and marketing services including digital marketing, custom video production, high-quality website design and more. When you work with our agency you can expect to receive the highest tier of what you envision a public relations and digital marketing firm has to offer. That is – quality and affordable pricing paired with the highest caliber industry knowledge available, ultimately leading to a highly tailored and personalized approach that is sure to exceed your expectations.

• Media Pitching & Outreach
• Media Monitoring
• Media Training
• Press Release Drafting / Writing
• Press Release Distribution
• Crisis Management
• Corporate Social Responsibility

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a Toronto PR Firm?

Research their reputation. Be sure to carry out proper background research before choosing any firm. Review PR agencies’ past work to find out which one is right for you. Make inquiries from friends who have hired PR agencies, and internet marketing companies and the like in the past that have worked with them. Find out which PR companies have a reputation for providing great service and which ones are not. When you find a PR company that you like, be sure to do a background check on it too before reaching a decision.

How much does a Toronto PR Firm charge?

Toronto PR Firms and prices for their public relations services can vary. First, consider your budget. You must have a rough idea of how much of your business’ resources you wish to commit to PR. If you are working on a rather limited budget, you can opt for a smaller, promising PR firm rather than the more expensive big ones. You might also find that contracting a PR company on a one-off rather than a permanent basis may prove more cost-effective.

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